Our Services

The areas in which we specialise:

Property transfers and bond registrations

At Hattingh & Scholtz Inc. we understand that buying or selling a property is an important decision which always warrants best advice and service.
Our conveyancing services are offered at fees set by the Law Society, and we deliver our services through a highly qualified, experienced and dedicated team that includes licensed conveyancers. This helps to ensure fast, efficient and high quality service delivery in order to meet the expectations of our clients.

We offer a free consultation to Sellers in order to assist them in finalising the sale agreement.


Deceased Estate Administration

A deceased estate consists of all the assets and liabilities the deceased had prior to his/her death and needs to be dealt with by the Executor or representative.

We offer assistance in appointing of an Executor and winding up of your loved one’s deceased estate, irrespective of the size of the estate.

We further offer a free initial consultation to discuss the quickest and most cost-effective way of finalising the estate.


Wills and Trusts

If you die without a valid or updated will it could have major implications on your heirs and/or dependants.

We offer to assist you in your estate planning, the drawing up of a valid will and safe keeping thereof.


Divorce proceedings

We understand the difficulties of going through a divorce and offer advice and assistance in all aspect relating to family law and divorce matters.

We offer to finalise uncontested divorce matters in exceptional turnaround times.


Ante-nuptial agreements

The Ante Nuptial Contract is arguably one of the most important documents, if not the most important document, a person who intends to get married, will sign in his or her lifetime.

Not only will the existence and content of an ante-nuptial agreement have an effect on the proprietary consequences on dissolution of marriage but it would also protect you against your spouses’ creditors if your spouse becomes indebted.

The ante-nuptial contract must be signed prior to the marriage and registered within three months after signature at the Deeds Office.